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Welcome to the Rec.Music.Makers.Piano Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list guide!

This guide lists all the FAQs officially available in the newsgroup This guide, unlike other sources of the RMMP FAQs, will always have the most up-to-date versions available. If you see any discrepancies between what you read here and elsewhere, trust what's here.

All of the FAQs listed below can be retrieved by anonymous ftp from under pub/usenet/news.answers/music/piano/* .

All the Usenet FAQs registered with can also be accessed on WWW through the Usenet FAQ List.

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List of FAQs

* RMMP General Topics FAQ
This FAQ is a collection of many general questions frequently asked in the newsgroup. It includes topics such as, "am I too old to start?", "When is it legal to photocopy music?" etc.

* Playing From Memory FAQ
This FAQ is intended to present topics frequently discussed regarding playing piano pieces from memory. It covers some reasons for memorizing, and also some pointers on how to go about memorizing piano pieces. 
Click here for the text version

* Piano Purchasing and Maintenance FAQ
This FAQ is intended to present questions frequently asked regarding maintenance and purchasing issues. It includes questions such as, "can I tune my own piano?", "I want to buy a piano, where do I start?".

* Digital Pianos FAQ
This FAQ is intended to present questions frequently asked about digital pianos. It covers the pros and cons of choosing digital pianos over acoustic pianos, and some pointers on how to go about purchasing one. 
Click here for the text version

* Digital Pianos Hardware List (very outdated)
This FAQ lists the technical specifications of digital piano models (some past, mostly present), and some of the mail order companies that are known to sell digital pianos. (note: this has also become very difficult to keep up as most piano companies release new digital piano models like cars.  I believe this list is only good for historical info)

* Piano Internet Resources FAQ List (very outdated)
This document contains references to Internet resources with active hyperlinks which are piano-related or of likely interest to piano players. (note:  as internet links are updated so often, it became impossible to keep up with all the changes.  Thus, please use this page as a starting point for your search using google and other better search engines.)
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Unfortunately, I'm unable to really address problems at this point. Hopefully this will change as the FAQ maintainer changes! If you are interested in becoming the FAQ maintainer, please contact me at the below address.. although response may be slow due to unreasonable number of SPAM I receive on that account.
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